so, i'm starting a band to play electric violin in (i already play guitar in one but want to play violin in another) and we're gonna play jazz/rock fusion... so i already have a bassist, and drummer and i am playing electric violin so the only other instrument i wanted to have was a saxophone but everyone i know who plays one either sucks or doesn't have enough time so what other interesting instruments (that 15/16 year olds would know how to play) would you guys use? i thought about flute and that'd be cool but i don't think the band would have enough low end. what are your thoughts?

EDIT: i'd like to stay away from guitar and keyboard too... just to make it challenging/interesting and it's a nice gimmick
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theres four different kinds of sax, and you only know 2 players?
Id recomend Trumpet/FLugalhorn, or possibly something like bass clarinet and trombone, or if worse comes to worse an extra guitarist.
I feel like flute is nice, but if your not going for a mellow sound youd probobly want something beefier sounding (and lots of sax players double on flute anyway).
You know the general lowbrass ass-kicking instruments (especcially Euphonium).

Keyboards, synths can get a lot of sounds.
If your school has a music program I can guarantee that there are some decent/good sax players. They'll probably be a band geek but if they can play who cares.