I just bought a Vox DA5 and when i turn up the tone, or gain it makes a crackiling sound, but theres no crackling sound when my guitars volume is turned all the way up. I know this is common but i was just wondering whats making it crackle, ive already tried taking it away from other electrical stuff and all that.
Make sure nothing is plugged into the same outlet as the amp is. Also, is there a noise gate you can activate? Sorry, I'm not very familiar with VOX amps. Also, if it gets to the point of being a big annoyance, invest in these little plug things you plug into the wall to stop the crackling. I used to use one until I found the noise gate on my amp.
If it's blue, then it MUST smell good.
best anti crackle system ever in cases like urs is better volume pots (500k for humbuckers 250 for singles) good hi quality volume pots will help at all volumes i no alot of guitars got junk stock. My favorite stock volumes are esp lol but yah its probably the pots if theres a scratch on the inside crackle crackle lol
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ye thanks, nuthing is plugged into the wall and the noise reduction is all the way down.
Yeah, it sounds like it's your the pots on your guitar.

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