so yesterday i found a second hand guitar that meets my needs, problem is that the guitar is a Ibanez JS100 built after 2007 meaning i just got myself an Edge III tremolo. (please don't comment on how stupid i am, i already feel like a right idiot). i love the guitar so much and i don't want to take it back (nor would they take it back as it is second hand).

so my solution was to swap the tremolo out. i spent some time reading through www.jemsite.com, and i have come across a couple of problems that i was wondering if you guys could answer.

1. the Original Floyd Rose should fit in the route, key word is should. some people have done it without a problem and others have had to some small modding (as in sanding a couple of milimetres here and there). does the Original Floyd Rose just drop into an Edge III route, or do i need to do a little sanding?

2. it was suggested that instead of going for a proper OFR i get a Gotoh or Schaller FR, do they just drop in or is there any modding needed?

3. where online can i buy these tremolo's, i'm in Australia so preferably a website in Australia (besides ebay i already looked).

4. does anyone have an idea (in Australian Dollars) of the cost of buying the trem and having someone install it (and possibly a little sanding)?

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talk to orsmby, i believe he sells trems, he based in the Australia
just google orsmby guitars, he can also answer any question you have, and help you if your having problems getting it too fit,

as far as trem, the gotoh one is $165 US so i dont know what that is in aussie dollars...
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