Just a random question... can anyone tell me... musically (as in theory wise). if the following have any in common:

Black Magic Woman and Oh Well- Fleetwood Mac
Dazed and Confused and How Many More Times- Led Zeppelin
Gypsy Eyes and Here My Train A' Comin'- The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Hope You're Feeling Better - Santana
War Pigs and NIB- Black Sabbath

There is a certain smooth, sensual ambience about these songs (exluding maybe warpigs and NIB but they still got a little sensual edge to them) that really strikes resonance with me... and I want to know if there is a connection between them.
Well they're all rooted in the blues, but maybe that's obvious (since they're rock songs after all). I don't really know what else to tell you.
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Quote by Thefallofman
Well they're all rooted in the blues...

That's like saying "well they're all songs" or "they all use instruments." If you weren't a regular, I'd ridicule you mercilessly for that statement.
Ha, I know, and I'd deserve it.

They do all use instruments though! That must be the connection. I dunno why I didn't think of it sooner.
Hey, I'm Mike.
Well they seem like they all have a more jazzy sounding blues, but that just "sounds like...".... so saying they are all rooted in the blues does not really clarify...I guess what I am looking for is a personal holy grail of sound that just isn't there. An answer that I was expecting was more like the answer a Pandora site would give you...but by an actual live person.