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Slash and MAB

EDIT: ^ C&H ftw!
Kodiak bears make awesome bandmates.

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no seriously 7x NGD is epicness i declare you the winner of all NGD's on UG never have i seen this xD
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Zakk Wylde
Kirk Hammet
Joe Bonamassa(Iam Not Sure, He Seems To Be Real Cool With His Note Choice)
Kurt Cobian
Jimi Hendrix( Not Heard Him Alot, But I Like Whatever I Heard)
Randy Rhoads(Not That Much Though)
David Gilmour

My Favourite Guitarist Keeps On Changing, It All Started With Kirk HAmmet, Then Kurt Cobian Then I Was Crazy About David Gilmour, And Now Iam In Love With ZAKK WYLDE!!
Slash and Jesper Stromblad
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akm_202, i now announce you, king of awesome. You may bow down to me.
So many greats!
Here's a few you might not think of.
3) Jazz Ball - Hair of the Dog. His Toccata is pure class.
2) Martin Barre - Jethro Tull. So versatile.
1) Joe Konas - The Gods. Probably the first Metal player back in '69
Other favourites include Jeff Beck, Peter Green, Gary Moore and Mick Box. Some Americans, too.
It was Slash for some time, then I decided to listen to more varied music, now I've no idea. Rob Arnold, Robb Flynn, it could be pretty much anyone.

Listening to Chimaira always gets me in the mood to play guitar again, alongside watching the DVD(s), so Rob Arnold probably wins. Him or Mark Hunter, seeing as he writes a lot of it.

Je suis la tempête
I am the Storm
petrucci, zakk, rhoads and kirk

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Synyster Gates
He can play diferent types of music as well, like the bluesy solo on Dear God, and the acoustic intro on Gunslinger.
why so many Kirks...he is insanely sloppy and relies on the wah for the solos he has forgotton (thats at least half)

Marty Friedman
Syn Gates
Dave Mustaine

Not in any order
Kirk Hammett, Matthew Bellamy, Slash, Pete Townshend and Jimmy Page

Edit: Santana and Angus Young too, of course
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Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Janick Gers, Dennis Stratton, Jani (Can't spell last name, from Sonata Arctica), Glenn Tipton, KK Downing.

John Petrucci and Steve Vai....i like Joe Satriani and Kirk Hammett too though...
Jeff Loomis
Michael Romeo
Chris Broderick
Adrian Smith
Lindsey Buckingham
Kirk Hammet
John Petrucci
Adrian Smith
Janick Gers
Dave Murray
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In order
Kirk Hammett
Paul Gilbert
Jimmy Page
Randy Rhoads
Marty Friedman
Syn & Zacky
Jimi Hendrix
Eric Clapton
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Kirk Hammett and James Hettfield

edit: I also really like Slash, Kurt Cobain, Tony Iommi, and Dimebag.
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Gates, Rhoades, Dime, Mustaine, and of course EVH
Andy Fox
Hard rock guitarist
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In no particular order:
Ace Frehley
Tom Morello
Steve Vai
Phil Campbell (from Motorhead)
Bruce Kulic (Grand Funk Railway)
I. Jack White
II. Jimmy Page
III. Joe Perry
IV. Richard Fortus
V. Slash
VI. Hendrix
I see Steve Vai everywere but no Satriani? you guys do know that Satriani didnt excist Vai probably wasnt were he is now?
My list(not in order)
Joe Satriani
Angus Young
Jimi Hendrix
BB King
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Mark Tremonti
Kirk Hammet
I was expecting this thread to be full of EVH and Malmsteem, I am actually quite suprised
Andy Fox
Hard rock guitarist
I play a Jackson DK-2 and an Ibanez RG through a Peavey 6505+ stack
John Frusciante
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I'm with DeltaFunk
In no particular order:

Joe Satriani
Kirk Hammett
Paul Gilbert
Yngwie Malmsteen
Stevie Ray Vaughn (R.I.P)
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