Hey guys, I got about $110 to spend and I was wondering if the MXR Zakk Wylde Overdrive pedal would go good with a Line 6 Spidervalve 112. Do you think this would give me more of a Zakk Wylde/Heavy Metal tone?

My current set up is

Epiphone SG/ Korina Flying V

Line 6 Spidervalve 112

Wylde wah pedal

If you truly want to spice up the spider valve I would recommend a good tube overdrive pedal such as the blackstar or a radial classic or something along those lines.
An overdrive pedal works best with true tube amps not modellers. So it would be a waste of money. That said you should be able to find some settings off the line 6 forum for a good Zakk tone. Also a side note, your gonna have to crank the hell out of that amp to pull off his tone. He has a ton of saturation in his tone..
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Listen to IP, he knows his sh!t.

+1 to that.

besides that fact.

he's right, that spider should be able to do his tone pretty decently on it's own. they were designed to be used as stand alone amps, no effects needed.
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if the spider valve has the same line 6 models that I've seen everywhere else, you should have no problem.
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