I'm tapped out...

Dead from the neck up, spritzers on black ice, riding the
luggage check through the hallways.
Pouring Coke in a Ski bottle, tucked in a pocket, making my
peace with blackberry patches.
Hemming jeans to fit tighter, trimming the scruff, picking the
bits out with fingernail clippers.
Drunk on a couch in new Portland, Oregon, sucking the
liquid out of the shag.

I piss and moan louder than anyone.

Give me attention, a floor to sleep on, you people
are just to goddamn nice to me.
Given me three months, given me 6 months, given me
frozen winter accessories.
Creating comics on shitters, with a song about children's books,
anything to keep you close and talking to me.
Go off and be happy, marry the enemy, suck on his collarbones,
Take polaroids of butterflies, drawings of a life that resemble being rid of me,
and I'll be here - Ready to pick up the misery.

I piss and moan louder than anyone.

I'm sorry for turning the past year into my own vacation time.
A season for dwelling on why I'm no good for you.
Poor advice.
"are just to goddamn nice to me."

once again, simply brilliant. although i have to say i much prefer your prose style.

Anyway, happy new year.
solid piece stellar!
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how do you trip on acid? was your shoelace untied?

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Mikko, you remind me of a clogged up toilet. You're the poo that won't go away.

really good. it got to me. Made me sad cause I believe you meant everything you said.
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Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me