As... i look up to you
A cold carved stone, that i look up to for guidence
now your lost smashed to pieces, by this hammer i have
with this i swear you'll crumble, reaping what i have, cold cry
your face your guidence wont be in vein, last time
your face, not again!, forget your face? i count this watching crumbleing down,from the sky
and with this hammer you will crumble! from the sky, you will crumble,
from the sky, destroy such beauty, count the lies on my own fingertips,
destroy such beauty, death await's
destroy such beauty! please forgive me
my songs tewnd to have a scattered thing going on with them
i think besides order , i really need to come up with better song names..
Quote by iiseddie
Suicide Silence - Destruction of a Statue..............It's not your own lyrics.


It's not cool to pass a band's lyrics off as your own.