So, here I am again.
Both of my eyes so, open wide and gleaming.
Blank stares, with races running only an inch behind.
Sit back and watch the pavement get closer as it aims for your face.
So step back, let me take over.
Can you see the silhouettes?
The slim and dark figures.
Rising like giants out of the shadows.
They're crawling out.
They're crawling out of our skin.
Here i am again.
We build ourselves, where monsters used to hide.
Oh, how we celebrate the mediocrity.
My feelings crawl the walls.
They crawl the walls, and finally fall.
They finally fall.
Like empires and old loves.
.....and we're all *****s, some of us just get paid
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Two Birds Stoned At Once by Chiodos.... This isn't your own work.

Also confirmed.