I'm running a satchurator pedal in to a Vox AD50VT, on a clean channel, with MV about 3 o'clock, and volume around 12. when I turn the pedal on i'm losing around 50% of the volume, no other pedals being used, and tried it with a couple of different guitars, leads and also mains power and battery.
Could it be the pedal or the amp? or has anybody else noticed the same thing, and you just really have to crank the amp to get a decent volume when using the pedal? Volume is fine on the amp with no pedal by the way.

Any help appreciated, cheers.
yeah except it only happened on my low e string....it was really weird....I use the pedal more as a boost pedal now rather than full on distortion since I got a new amp head. I recommend this greatly if you can do that too because I havent had a problem with it that way
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So you just use it on an overdriven channel on your amp, to give a bit extra gain?
even if i use a distorted channel on the amp there is still a volume loss.
I think it must be the amp, i think i remember someone on here saying it's a bad idea running the pedal into a modelling amp.