Okay for that i will begin this thread, i will say: Im sorry okay? dont flame me! xD
K with that out of the way...

I play guitar for a year now and i learned it by basicly practise myself and watch some tutorials on youtube etc.
And i didnt do any theory because i just thought it was boring but now i've come to the point of thinking that it actually might be helpfull haha.

So im currently on this site for learning chords http://all-guitar-chords.com/index.php?ch=E&mm=&get=Get
And there are so many, my question, wich are most important?
Im learning C,D,E,F,G, A and B major now, then i think i need to know them all in minor as well but then what?

Oh and, were can i find stuff like how to ''play in E'' and stuff?
Has to do with scales? i know 1 scale(the blues one i think) and thats basicly it.