Aghora is a progressive metal/technical metal band formed in 1995 by guitarist Santiago Dobles. In 2000 they released their first album, Aghora, recorded and produced by Santiago Dobles and Dan Escauriza in 1999, Miami, Florida. The album featured Sean Malone and Sean Reinert, both former members of Cynic. The band released its second album, Formless in 2006, which was produced by Santiago Dobles and mixed by Neil Kernon.

And for those who has never heard of em, I reckon you listen em.

Check this out
and listen to some of their videos. \m/
They are awesome, I started listening to them a month ago or something and I really like Transfiguration and Atmas Heave. Also for the other fans of progressive check Gordian Knot together with these guys and Planet X too, it makes a hell of a playlist.
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the best band ever (after DEATH though) thats like a slap in tha face for JOhn petrucci.if u liked them check out CYNIC and GORDIAN knot