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Like a lot of yous, I hated metal, and didn't listen to hard rock songs before playing the guitar. Well now it's like the only thing I listen to. Well mostly hard rock, and very few metal. So since I'm pretty new, can someone recommend bands of hard rock songs?
For you to get a little example of what kinda bands I like.. I find Muse to be really good, and Chevelle is my favorite right now. I also like Sum41 even though it's punk, their hardcoreness makes it up

So yeah, especially those famous ones that I should really know about, tell me some good bands please~!
Rick Astley. /hedeservedit.

Icing happen when de puck come down, BANG, you know,
before de oder guys, nobody dere, you know.
My arm go comme ça, den de game stop den start up.

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Led Zeppelin. You can start off with How The West Was Won. That album blew me out of my clothes.


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Disturbed are really good.
Soon you will sit on the bench
of those who deny I have my soul
You sell a dream you create
Condemned by what you condemned before
Smooth are the words you sing down and high
Underground is your joy your laws
Deep Purple.

Click on my profile, I have some videos of them.
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