Poll: When Do You Write Best?
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When Im Depressed
6 15%
When Im Happy
1 3%
When Im Awake
4 10%
When Im Tired
2 5%
When Im Awake And Depressed
3 8%
When Im Awake And Happy
1 3%
When Im Awake And Depressed
0 0%
When Im Tired And Happy
2 5%
When Im Inspired And Awake And Or Tired
14 36%
6 15%
Voters: 39.
is it when ur tired, happy, depressed, etc...

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when i'm really enthusiastic and happy...
unlike most people I can't write when im down, much less do anything.
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I don't really have a mood. I just fill up with ideas, and wait until I have enough to build a song.
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either very depressed or very happy
one of the 2 extremes
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When I have nothing better to do, lol.
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Where's depressed and tired!?
Oh well, I write better late and when i'm feeling like shit.

Edit: OISEE, didn't read your post well enough
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Usually when I'm happy, or when a good set of words flow into my head. Either that or when I'm inspired.
My best riffs come out to play when I'm hungover to ****.
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i dont write anymore, but when i did it used o be late night/ early morning.
When i was half asleep an i'd get an idea, then id awake straight away and be in the zone! lol
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Usually when I just get back from a gig.
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when i'm awake or half-asleep....
i dunno why, but the ideas and the music are just coming, coming and coming and won't stop...
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