I need help setting up my Fast Track Pro with my amp, a Peavey Valveking 100. I want to be able to record my guitar going through the amp on my computer, using Goldwave or a recording program like it. I tried using the cable on the back of the amp that plugs into the cabinet into the inserts/outputs on the back of the FT Pro and into the Mic/Inst input on the front of the FT Pro. No success, the only thing that happened with all of them was a high pitch ringing noise and after those 3 tries the Fast Track Pro smelled like it was on fire. I was suggested on another forum to use a Shure instrument microphone... but doesn't that beat the point of even getting the FT Pro? Help is really appreciated.
micing the cab is a good call. you will be able to capture the tone of the head and cab and it should work just fine.
no, this doesnt defeat the purpose of the pro, that was the whole point in getting it!


^ This will help you out alot.
Why would getting a mic beat the point of having an interface? You still need something to plug the mic into. That's what the FTP was made for.

Get a mic, mic your cab and plug into the FTP. It's the only way unless you want to use software amps.
Ok, I just figured it would be a bad idea if I have it micced and other instruments were being played in the background (seperate recordings of each instrument). Can't you still hear background sounds though? I think Cesar Huesca used a direct out jack on his amp to go to his FTP. I just wonder how he had video recordings while using the sound that was recorded from the FTP and it was perfectly synced.
If you do it right there will be no "background noise" however you may very well be able to tell it was recorded in a room and not a direct signal (different amount of ambience). Not that its a bad thing though.

You may have to add a bit of reverb or something to the other instruments so that they feel like they were all recorded in the same place.

Ok that makes sense, I guess I should've just bought an XLR male to a 1/8" male adapter and went straight to my sound card's recording input. Awww, oh well. Thanks for the help.