Hi guys,

It occurred to me that there was quite the hype when this pedal was announced and many months of shortages that prevented many form actually getting the pedal.

So then now we have decent supplies out there and a few of us must have purchased our Satchurators I thought id find out how my fellow UG'ers are using this magic little pedal.

For me I use it in a few different ways depending on what preamp I use to drive my rig.

Marshall DSL100 Setup. Guitar ->535Q->XT live->Satchrator->DSL100

With the marshall it gets used in 2 ways one is as a clean boost to the Ultra channel, it kinda tightens things up a bit and adds some low mid. Gain at Zero, Tone around 9 O'clock and volume to max.

The other setup that Iv come to like is The Marshall on clean, Satcurator Gain at 10 O'clock, Tone at 0 Volume at 10 with the XT lives screamer pedal fed into the satchrator with Tone 0 Gain 26 and Level at 56. Im loving this one as a all pourpose rhythm sound. Step on the More button and im into lead territory.

Engl E530)

Iv been using the Satchurator into the clean channel of the E530 and to be honest it just works without much fuss in this channel. I keep the clean gain at about 2 'Oclock as this give the cleans some character. Thew pedal gain goes wherever i want it, tone just needs to stay below 11 O'clock or it starts to sound very fizzy and as always the volume is sat at 10. This gives very Satch esque tones however its in the lower gain settings that this setup shines. Cryin sounds just so awesome if the guitar volume and tone are backed off a bit on a mid gain setting.

So Satchrator owners, How do you use yours?
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