I'm a big fan of this site, and i play the guitar now for a year of so..

I found this great song, it's called you'll think of me, and it's written by keith urban.

When you listen to the song there are (i don't know how to say this else xD) 2 intro... 1 intro before the intro. And one intro before the verse.. Listen to this live version..


Now i've found 2 Tabs ( for the 2 intro's)

This is the second intro


As you can see, this is very clear. Chords above it so i know what to play.. This is the 2'nd intro(as already said) and i've also found the 1st intro (which is harder according to many people)

*clickie, intro 1*

As you can see, there are no chords above the tabs.. So i actually don't know what to play. Or how to put my fingers...

Can someone please help me by putting chords above the 1st intro?..


PS: Sorry for my poor english.. I'm from holland