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In the Ultimate-Wah thread they said that it is the Morley Power Wah/Volume pedal.
I saw it on a Dutch version of eBay, and the owner said it was a Morley wah (pro series II, with boost). It has an on/off switch on the right side of the pedal. And an adjustable button on the left side (probably the boost) is this the Morley Power Wah/Volume? Because I heard that that pedal had an switch between Volume and Wah. It `has white letters, so it isn`t a Bad Horsie I guess.

What I play, and for what I want to use it: Rock, and I want to use it for solo`s, so the boost is really handy.

Any information about the wah would be helpful, and I expect hendriko to suggest the Vox, and some the original Crybaby, and others the 535Q. I know it, I have my reasons not to buy it, if you`re interested I`ll say them. The pedal costs around €45, 2nd hand...