Just boy myself a Laney Pro Linebacker PL100 Reverb Head

Done a wee bit of research and as far as i know its a very reliable amp.

it only cost me 80 quid anyways.

and if it does **** up, ive still got my AVT50h but does anyone know any information on this amp? if its reliable or not, loud or not, etc etc.

Im using Boss MT2 metal zone pedal through it as ive been told to get the good distortion that i want, use a pedal, but for volume its great.

any comments would be awesome

Quote by Horlicks
Is it loud or not? You tell us, you just bought the amp.
The MT2 sounds awful.

Im taking it into the studio on sunday, so ill find out if its loud or not then

I was asking for anyone who has used them's opinion, if uve not used it dont comment.

And the mt2 doesnt sound awful, maybe in your opinion, but thats your opinion.