Hey chaps. I just discovered a 5150II for £400, but apparently the owner says it needs revalving. Any idea how much this would set me back? considering I was looking at spending £800 on a new head, price isn't that much of an issue. What tubes would be good too?
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Do you have a cabinet to go along with it?
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I'd say 100 quid tops, and that's if you go mental and buy really really top quality ones.

I think I spent like 40/50 on my 5150, but you have one extra tube, and prices may have gone up but I'm not sure.
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Get JJ's if you can
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Full retube or just the power tubes?...

go to https://ssl.eurotubes.com/cart/index.php?page=view_products&category_id=8&sub_category_id=41 and take your pick. Keep in mind these are US dollars so you'll have to convert to whatever the fack a quid is.

they have full retube kits with multiple options for the 5150II
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I'm okay to spend £100
I saved £800 for a head so I would have plenty of money left over... for valves and maybe a Maxon OD808.
Even better, I will have say £250 to spend to make my sound better. I got a Randall 2x12 with V30s, so what sort of pedal/**** could I get.
Or is a tc electronic g major worth it?
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