Well, I have a Worn Cherry Gibson SG Special.

Its brilliant to play, I love it - but it looks too plain for me, so I am planning to make it look different. But I dont know how to sand, paint, or do anything to really change it.

But the other day, I got it scratched, leaving a small mark, and got me thinking "Should I scratch and leave marks all over the guitar, make it look bashed worn in etc?". I heard somewhere that damaging the wood gives the guitar its own tone somehow, and I imagined how it looks, and I would rather have it look like that than paint it.

I am starting to like the idea, but their is a problem - How do I make it look like I want without going too far and messing the guitar up, and how do I make it look like I didnt take a screwdriver and mash it to death? (P.S Its mahogany body, so dont know if that changes anything)

Is this a good idea? Has anyone done anything like this before? Advice?
Damaging the wood does nothing for the tone, it just makes it look damaged.

Plenty of people relic their guitars too. Just google "reliced guitar" or something to see examples and give you some inspiration.
just let the process happen naturally... it'll look better than doing some things people suggest(i hear dragging behind a car or throwing off the ground are popular) if you're going to do it stupidly, then remember to take off all the hardware, take the neck off etc. (may not be possible as i think they're neck throughs) oh well, i'm actually only giving my two cents, and it's not worth much, take other's advice over mine is probably a good idea
let it happen naturally, just dont be very careful when your using/ transporting it
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