Well this is really a brilliant product. Its made by Amish craftsmen, out of fine cherry wood or maple. It uses as much power as a coffee maker. It will reduce the heating bill by 30 percent as well!!!


Seriously, this thing supposedly puts out 5,000 BTU's and uses the same energy as a coffee maker? The "Amish Craftsmen" look like some city shmuck was just thrown into a costume and told to pickup hammers and look serious. They use particle board to make their "authentic" Cherry or Oak Fireplace. And the heater itself was made in China.

A coffee maker uses a large amount of electricity for about a minute. It's true that the so-called "miracle" heater uses less electricity than a coffee maker DURING THAT ONE MINUTE. But you're going to have the heater running for a lot longer than one minute a day. So it's going to cost you a lot more to operate than a coffee maker does.

tl;dr Don't buy the HeatSurge things. They just want to skip to step four and Profit. Don't let them rip you off.

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