I've seen these guitars on their website but am weary of buying one. Does anyone here own one or gotten a chance to play one? I don't think I'm going to buy one of these beautiful guitars until I know they sound good.
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Never heard of them until now but they look good, the specs sound good never heard of G&B pups though. I would love to try one myself I really like the looks of the RM300DX Lizard Quilt LP.

Ya thats the one I was considering buying. The finishes look amazing on them.
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FWIW - I've owned an RWG-590T for a couple years now and really enjoy playing it.
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yep. i have an RG5000. walnut and alder body. sounds amazing.
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What he said. You are a wise man for not buying into the hype.

ya hear that...he thinks im wise
I have an RG450 which is ok...pretty but nothing outstanding. Fretwork is only passable, pickups were awful if using any gain. IMO the PRS SE models are MUCH better guitars for the price.