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It's probably not 2009 yet in some places, but it has been for 4 hours here in Aussie.


What's the first song you listened to/are going to listen to of 2009?

For me it's Friggin' in the Riggin' by Sex Pistols. Felt like it. Sue me.
Gorgoroth - Krig

Thats my way of saying, its 2009!! Who gives a ****? So ill be staying in with myself.
Probably something by either Queens of the Stone Age or Kyuss, I'm really into them both at the moment.
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Jools Holland's Hootenanny goes well past midnight. So whatever's playing then.
I'll probably put my iPod on shuffle.
If not either As I Lay Dying or A7X.

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Whatever crap was playing at the party I was at.
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Dunno, maybe some Metallica
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probly orion by metallica
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auld lang syne (sp?) probably,going to a party in a bar
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I'll probably put my iPod on shuffle.
If not either As I Lay Dying or A7X.


probably the same both are probably my favorite bands

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Oh man I'm well and truely on the point of no return then

it will be echoes by pink floyd. I will start it around 11:45 and it will be the first song of 2009 and the last song of 2008
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If I watch the Hootenany as British tradition states then it will be whats on that, if not it will probably be some Bon Jovi tommorow or something.
Get some balls. MEGADETH. But let's not start that fight. Haha
And dude that said Gorgoroth... you're awesome. Celtic Frost?

How about some Job for a Cowboy or some As Blood Runs Black. Maybe Bring Me the Horizon or August Burns Red. =]

Unfortunatly, i have school tommorow, so i guess ill be the one to pick the first song .
i guess i would pick 'I Want it all' - Queen
Or some 'Rocky Horror' song ....
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it will be echoes by pink floyd. I will start it around 11:45 and it will be the first song of 2009 and the last song of 2008

I'll probably do the same thing except with Planisphere by Justice, the last coupl emins has some sweet guitar in it!

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Chaos UK - The End is Nigh.
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Fucking Hostile - Pantera

Edit: ^ i just realized that blue dude looks like a real douche
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Time by Pink Floyd
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Either what is on the tv or something extremely fast and fun. Maybe lamb of god or msi. Or I could just stick with some queen. I think Ill go with queen.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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bout 5 mins to go till midnight here. Maybe i'll listen to One- Metallica or Naagin - Decibel.
throes of perdition-trivium
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Time by Pink Floyd :Sad:

Good idea. I might do that. Or Sir Psycho Sexy. Yes. I'm bringing in the new year with Sir Psycho Sexy.
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Hm I don't know yet, I'm probs gonna be at the Metal night in a club in town so it'll be whatever they choose for me

Whatevers on Jools Holland
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Don't Stop Believing the ultimate drunken sing along.

Probably this.

Whatever is playing at the moment it hits midnight at the party. As for the first song I actually choose to listen to, I have no idea.
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Good idea. I might do that. Or Sir Psycho Sexy. Yes. I'm bringing in the new year with Sir Psycho Sexy.


I convinced my friend that that was my theme song, then I made him listen to it.
I'm going to a show tonight, so whatever song the band that is on stage at that time.
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I don't know. It will be whatever I am listening to. I have noting planned.
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Hopefully "Journey - Don't Stop Believin'" if me and my mates get our way tonight
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Best song of all time
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