Hey guys, I got this bad boy on Thanksgiving. It was brand new and set up professionally. It plays great and nothing is wrong with it. It even has the stickers still on it. I thought I might like a strat but I was wrong. It just doesn't fit my style. I am willing to consider any trade just let me know. I am asking $500 plus shipping. I can get pics if needed. It is the black model.
BUMP. I have this guitar (same colors and all) and it is awesome - you might want to include pictures
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I have an RG470 listed if you are interested.

No thanks. And i'll post pics when I get home from work.
don't hijak other people's threads, bump your own
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stevo 192 lol mate u a beast! Such a rebel!!!

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Whats that supposed to mean? I cant show him my offer for his guitar? Never seen anyone complain about that. I'm not hijacking his thread. He can look and get info and pictures of what I'm offering for his guitar. The post was for him not you. SloppyJoseph p.m. me please thanks.
Just got a new ESP the other day and my amp just broke so I am looking to sell this thing. Sorry.