Hey guys,

Recently a friend and I from highschool got back together after a few years and started writing some songs. We don't really have a rig for recording yet, so we just used the internal mic in my laptop so the quality is fairly rough.

That being said, feel free to give them a listen and critique. www.myspace.com/sunriseoverdrive

*Things that I know are bad*
-The volume levels need work, we did these all in one take and did no editting.
-We just kind of winged it on "Lack of Sleep" and some of the overlapping vocals didn't turn out so hot.

Oh and leave your links, I'll return the favor, thanks!
Hey man. I listened to clips (since I am having a short attention span today) but from what I heard it sounding good. It makes it hard to be accurate when recording quality is low (I still walk that road!) but thing sound together with nice progressions that fit together well musically. I am unable to comment on the lyrics since the volume was low and I only listened to the clips of each song to get an overview.

Keep it up!

My stuff is in my sig if you're interested, but they are all older recordings since I haven't recorded my newer material yet so they're not hot at all :P

pretty good quality for what you were working with, you just got to record multiple tracks, so that we can hear those vocals a lot better, Try Audacity its a great recording program, The songs seem pretty well put together, pretty simple. lyricly the songs were pretty good, from what i could pick out Erica seemed kinda cliche, but it was pretty goood. Overall pretty good, just needs some more development and better recording.

crit mine?
also check out the vid im my sig?
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Yeah we're going to record everything as seperate tracks next chance we get. We were trying to rush to get something posted before our gig that night. Though we were kind of thinking about purchasing ourselves something to do the recording a bit better. The low quality really does take away from the songs which disappoints me but I'm glad to hear that you guys don't think its that bad
don't say goodbye is actually very good although, i think the guitar could have amore interesting strumming pattern in the chorus, and the singer was slight off in places. but still very good. the quality was a lot better than i thought it would be

I would say the same about lack of sleep and erica (minus the strumming). as someone else said, erica did seem a little cliche in places.
I would also agree with you about the volume levels
have a look at 60src on my profile. i don't know if its your style, but o well
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