Ok so I want to learn a more "intermediate" song. This is pretty much my first non 3 chord song. I know this is kind of a stupid question but do these chords I got from this site match the way this guy on youtube is playing? I think it does at some parts, but it seems like at others it doesnt even come close.



EDIT it wouldnt embed the vid
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lol copy and paste the URL of the video, you can't embed on here.
you can compare the chords to the notes if you'd like, the verse is C#m, A, E and the chorus is B, C#m, and A
I don't know/understand bar chords 100% yet so I'm not sure I could just figure that out on my own but thanks for the idea
Aside from the main riff, he's doing the barre chords with some palm muting. You don't even have to play the full chords. You can just do the middle of the shape, the ADG strings, and then leave the rest open, it sounds very nice that way, much more full when done acoustically.