Woot got this Jackson DKMGT for £260 second hand good price IMO it was very dirty and had some old stickers on it but i washed it all and came out great just needs new strings and a knob and its away! (sorry for the crappy camera work)

Very impressive. I love that shade of blue.
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One of my guitarists has a dinky too, it sounds really great. i wish he got that color though!
Put some strings on it!
Otherwise, nice guitar
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most useless response i think i have ever seen on any forum ever.

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I love the jackson headstock... *drool*
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i almost wish my dkmg was the hard-tail type. i'm kind of getting sick of the floyd... but its an original, so i can't complain that much
freak'n love the thing
let us know which neck you prefer out of the Jackson and the Ibanez
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Nice,I bet you can't wait to play it.

Thanks! I played it when i got it with very rusty strings and a flat battery and it was terrible haha but i sure cant wait to play it when its all done!
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What bridge pickup have you got in your ibanez?

Its a Dimarzio Evolution 7 its great!
thats a beaut man well done!
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thats a beaut man well done!

Thanks man do you have an evo in your neck pup?? could you please tell me how that sounds i want to upgrade i still have the stock Ibanez one in mine and it sounds crap imo
I envy you!
Sunn O))):
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why is your name Fender Usa if you dont own one?
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Herpes maybe.
Nice collection, I love that shad of blue i looks epic........... nice addition to your collection
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why is your name Fender Usa if you dont own one?

I was thinking the same thing

Anyway, nice guitar, the Blue looks sweet
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I'm with DeltaFunk
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why is your name Fender Usa if you dont own one?

I have a Squier strat lol but mainly because my dream guitar is a black and white with maple fretboard and black hardware American Strat! one day it will be mine oh yes!

Thanks for all the comments guys!