Poll: Do you still have your first guitar?
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39 14%
225 83%
I never had one.
5 2%
Voters: 270.
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Yes I still have my first guitar. I'm never giving that thing up. No matter how beaten and worn down it gets.
did the old evh paintjob on it
its gonna be my "sacrifice guitar"
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Yup, I still play it everyday.
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I sold it to my friend who never learned to play it for 50 dollars. I wish I still had it.
Well, it was my dads, and it's worth about $3000...

So, yes.

(Although I've damaged it a fair bit since it was "worth $3000", I'm sure the coming of 2009 pushes the price back up. tihi)
Mine was a cheap crappy honer acoustic.... smashed the crap outa it the day i got a better one!
Sure do...I plan on keeping too.

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I still have mine, it sucks
1 string missing, untunable, front is falling off, and 2 of the strings are automatically playing the first fret, and thats how i got it :P
now i have a better one
Mine is the herbie, however it got severly burnt in a fire and now does not work but looks pretty badass.
yeah an old fender acoustic, i never use it now though.
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yep i dontuse it much but i dont think ill part with it for awhile
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i have. i stabbed it with a knife and drew on it with a black permanent marker.
i sold it for my fender and yeh maybe a little crack
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Yes sir I still have my Hondo II Fat-Strat copy! I love that thing, it's the best sounding guitar I've ever had!
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Still have my Epi LP. I want to be cremated with mine.
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Yet again the pit strikes with a penis shaped poll.
I swear sometimes pit monkeys are completely homosexual.

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yes and no

My first guitar was a crappy First Act starter pack from Wal-mart. Its still sittin up in my closet were some time in the near future, it will be either sold to the annoying neighbor kid or used for firewood

My first decent guitar I sold back to the guy I bought it from. It was a Squire Strat. His son wants to learn to play electric, and he only owns acoustics, so he bought it back for the same price I paid for it
It;s a no-name guitar, it has a piece of the headstock knocked off (like the wood at the tip broke off) and is super glued back on, it's my only guitar with a whammy bar (like I need it, I ca whammy without the whammy thanks to that one kid). It's SO thin, and light as ****. New pickups and it's laughing. It's a pretty damn good guitar for a no-name.
I parted with mine a long time ago, it was an unplayable piece of shit. Ihave a pretty badass collection now though (or it will be once that Epi LP Junior's gone and I've replaced it with a Goth Explorer or G400 Custom).
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its still around but has no strings or pickups. special 2
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A New York Pro acoustic guitar. I played the **** out of that guitar. The fret board's finish is destroyed and the back is all torn up cause I dropped it on concrete. Will always have that guitar.
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ahhh fender starcaster the first guitar i played and the first guitar i smashed
ahhh good times
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Yeah, sort of, its up in the attic and its missing a bridge pin, and still has the strings hanging off from where i changed them last.
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Mine was an old Taro LP (made of plywood) and it would've fallen apart long ago as I owned it from around '76 to '78.
Moving on.....
Ya, I keep mine tuned down to D for when I play Motley Crue.
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