Christmas is the time for giving
Hand jobs in camaros
Dirty grey uholstery
Is hidden beneath a pile of limbs
Broken beer bottles
Penetrate the contents
Of what once was a human mind

Vince Neil and Mary Magdaline
Slide all over each other
Like ice cubes and snake venom
Waiting to be shot
Into the ankles of an unworthy victim

Vince is clearing the cobwebs
From her uterine lining
Replacing spiders with glitter and hairspray
Making her ancient ovaries
Feel a little more useful
A little more loved

Mary watches from the window
People pound the pavment with their bandaged hands
Demanding more out of life
Shorter bread lines
Longer skiing seasons
And a supply of coke somewhere in between

Mary watches
As they beat each other with crosses
The grey matter of great minds
Blends in with the winterized pavment
Salt blasted anarchy
Where do I begin?

Don't show off
The Father says you may regret it
Don't tell them you're bigger than Jesus
Let them find out for themselves

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"Some even claim that I'm a terror, a dictator and they're right." - Lou Reed