K, Im having serious thinks about which one I shud get first, my music is played by electric gutiars, no acoustic, but is it easier to learn on an acoustic, then upgrade to an electric later on?

Even though my name suggests I like metal, which I do, I wouldn't be playing slayer (or any otherm etal band for that reason ) for a long while, will acoustic be easier, and somewhat quicker to learn on, what with the lack of amp, and its is quiter (I live in a flat, not being too loud is crucial).

So which one?

I'd also like some names of acoustic guitarists who don't sing, so I can see a bit of inspiration/copying, as, well If I get acoustic, I am definately not singing...

I posted this in acoustic and electric forums to see the replies.
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Get an acoustic first because it will help you hold chords better. Because of the larger neck, thicker strings, and whatnot it'll help to learn on acoustic THEN move onto an electric.

As for guitarists, i think just listen to any acoustic guitarists regardless if they sing. You should build your own style. Learn your basics and theory and just learn different picking and strumming patterns and whatnot...Experiment!

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you should get an electric... If you like music with electric guitar. you should play electic guitar.
there just two different style of guitars I would say there both just as easy to pick up it just takes a little while to get used to both of em. With electric you can always make it sound more like an acoustic but its very difficult to make a acoustic sound electric unless you get some really really loose strings. As far as noise goes you can always plug some headphones in your amp and it will work perfectly. I have 2 roommates and I'm sure they really appreciate it. so finally all I have to say is its just as easy to pick up either guitar if you want to play electric songs get an electric. Let me know what you decide on.
if your looking for inspiration (non vocal) check these guys out. Django Reinhardt The Ventures
you should start with an electric, if you learn just acoustic you are gonna have a hard time handling distortion noise when you move to an electric
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I tell EVERYONE to start on an acoustic that approaches me about guitars. Your fingers will be stronger as a result when you switch to electric as opposed to starting on electric.
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