so this Christmas i got some money, and i wanted to spend it on an half stack, im going for a petrucci/sfogli tone but i cant afford a mesa yet, what would be the next best thing?
First off, how much money do you actually have to spend?

Second, I'm sure a combo would suffice. High end combo's are much better than mediocre half stacks.
check used

the only cheap mesa...

is a used mesa

alot of people are goin to say that the At series from b-52 is a poor mans mesa...

its a lie

they are great amps IMHO
i actually prefer them over mesa

but they are not mesa
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yeha that s what i was thinking too, well right know i got like 700, 800 tops to spend what would be a good combo at that range?
used mesa on craigslist or eBay
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well the mesa's out here dont sale for lessthen 1200, and besides like metalhead said a combo is sufficient for the gigs i do, and its easier to carry around.
you got a xxx right! how is the distortion on it? i like petruccis tone and also opeth can you dial the amp to distortions similar to those?
I have an XXX. The distortion is actually very very good. I'm not sure about Petrucci sound yet but I have the Score 3 disk set so I'll try to see if I can get a Petrucci sound. But it's a very versatile amp, so it shouldn't be too hard.
Also check out a Randall RG50TC, used Mesa F series, DC series, used XXX, used 5150/6505 maybe. Just make sure you try it out and YOU like it, dont just go by what we say. Go to a shop and play some amps and see what you like and if it can cover the tones want and needs you have.
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yeah yeah thanks guys, i wasnt a tone freak much, but things are changing and i guess i need a better tone, but im clueless in regards toamps, but thanks for the advice ill be checking those amps out, i got the options i need it thanks!