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So guys, I was eating a bacon and egg sandwhich that I just made and it got me wondering:

What is the most metal foodstuff known to man?

Bacon's pretty metal, can't think of much else though.

PS: In before "an iron bar"
the searchbar?
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Any type of meat, preferably raw and bloody.
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Hmmm....not tofu lol

What about....well, sometimes, blood tastes like metal.

Oh I know the most metal food out there......Spicy Mexican Food!!!
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Or Orange Roughy from the artic seas. Its got high levels of Mercury in it.
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On second thought, perhaps apples....

quite a bit of iron in there...

and iron is metal...
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Spicy Mexican Food!!!

I agree.
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oranges are pretty metal... lol just joking i would have to say bats... havent you seen ozzy osbourne before?
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Squid ink spaghetti with raw meatballs in a frostbitten tomato sauce.
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Fresh meat from a demon spawned from the fires of hell and slayed by the intense vibrating noises of your axe shredding out unthinkable riffs and solos. Wash it down with the blood of your enemies and George Bush. For desert?
Soylent Green

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Fish oil.

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Whatever a man's first kill is the most metal food. Preferably human, now that's br00t4l.
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I met this chick I really liked and wanted to practice sex, so I practiced on some guy I met at a gas station...
jack daniels
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definitely anything with iron, calcium or zinc
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