I have a Floyd Rose low-profile double locking trem in my Jackson Dinky DK2, and for some reason it has become increasingly harder to do dive bombs. What I mean, is that I have to put more pressure on the bar than what I use to have to do...Last summer, while I was away at my dad's, my mom's bf didn't turn the dehumidifier on in the basement, and everything got rusty; including my Jackson Since then it hasn't played the same.

Any help? Suggestions? I already checked the floyd rose thread.
Perhaps its the rust which is not allowing smooth function of wammy bar... unless...Did you change string gauge? cause if it had really chunkey ones on it and you switched to lighter gauge there would be less string tension so the springs keeping the whammy bar in position are too strong compared to the tension of the strings. So you could try loosening the springs. And if thats not the problem maybe you should replace the springs, or work out...lol Other than that im not really sure...
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Sounds like maybe the springs have rusted a bit. Also consider taking the bridge off and checking the knife edges they may have corroded as well, with no prescise pivot point to work from that will make it harder as well.
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Rusty... Feel for you man.

Change your springs/strings, if that doesn't work, it could be rust on the knife edge.