Hey guys, saw this news story and thought you may enjoy it.... its pretty funny. But the perv got what was coming to him. Freakin creep.


Woman, 88, Puts the 'Squeeze' on Intruder
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PORTLAND, Ore. (Dec. 30) - The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office said an 88-year-old woman fended off a intruder by grabbing the man's crotch and squeezing.
Deputy Paul McRedmond said the man got into the house Tuesday through a sliding door. He backed the woman into her living room and pushed her face down onto a chair.

Squeezed Out: Michael G. Dick allegedly walked into an elderly woman's home, , and pushed her into a chair. But the 88-year-old victim got the best of him, reaching around and squeezing his crotch. He bolted, and was soon arrested. She was unharmed.

“I thought it was somebody I knew, but then seeing him without clothing, you know, it’s nobody I knew,” the woman, who said she does not want to be named, told Oregon's KPTV.
She told the television station that he followed her, and kept pushing against her.
"Before whatever plans the suspect might have had, the woman reached behind her and grabbed the man by the crotch, 'giving him a good squeeze'," McRedmond told Oregon's Salem-News. "The man tore free and ran back out the way he had come in."
The woman told KPTV that she recalled an old news story where a woman survived by grabbing her attacker's testicles.
McRedmond said a county code enforcement officer who heard the police call on his radio spotted a car near the woman's house and passed on the license information to authorities.
Troutdale police arrested Michael G. Dick, 46, according to The Oregonian newspaper. Dick has been jailed on accusations of burglary, harassment and private indecency. Bail was set at $110,000.
His last name is Dick too..haha
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His last name is Dick too..haha

Exactly what I was thinking
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He deserved it.

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Wow this sort of thing is becoming common.
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nice to see old people having fun.
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That is such a great quote. XD

Yeah, I know... I thought so too. I LOLed at it.
“I thought it was somebody I knew, but then seeing him without clothing, you know, it’s nobody I knew,”

Woman around the globe will forever more have the upper hand now.
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I just saw this on TV 2 minutes ago!
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