So, I have been in my local scene for a while and I noticed by talking to a lot of bassists from other bands... We all play in dropped tunings, I guess that is the cool thing to do these days?

My band plays in drop B my tuning is (B Gb B E) Now I know other bands play in the same tuning but their bassists play in (B A D G or B E A D) Is this just a matter of preference or am I the one who is in the wrong?

And what are the benefits to playing in those tunings versus the same tuning as your guitarist?
If you use the same tuning as the guitarist you could mimic his riffs easier. Personally it annoys me to use a drop tuning, screws my scales and only to the guitarist can make onefingerpowerchords.

BADG confused me, but BEAD always is a nice option, I like my basses in fourths all the way. Use what makes you more comfortable to your hands and ears.
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That tuning is correct. You are essentially playing in "drop D" only down a step and a half. So, you are tuning your bass down a step and a half and then dropping the E string to a B.

Other bassists drop ALL of their strings down three steps. Its just a matter of preference. With your method, your upper strings are going to sound much more defined and less clanky.

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You can tune to either of those and be fine - they're both known and accepted for the most part.

As far as preference, personally - I like to tune down when I'm playing alone, but when I play with a band, I don't like to go much lower than D or Db. It gets muddy after that unless you use almost no gain.
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Everyone's right so far. Either tuning is fine. I record in standard, but then tune to B E A D for anything that would normally require a 5-string.

But now I own a 6-string so it makes no difference anymore
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Thanks a lot, but as far as tone goes, is the tuning from BEAD Vs. BGbBE going to be that big of a dramatic difference minus the fact of course that your scales are going to be everywhere?