Does anyone know of any other brand expression pedals that work well with Zoom multi Effects pedals?

I had a Zoom Expression pedal but it bust and I figured if I get another one it'll bust again in a few years, so I'm looking for a tougher replacement to act as a volume pedal and expression pedal for controling effect parameters.
maybe you can just fix the existing pedal
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Chea_man is the best.
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It's simle enough to fix the pedal actually. All I need is a pot. But the dam pots I need are seemingly impossible to find. I've come close and found pots that can fit inside but they don'w have the correct ohm value.

The one I took of the pedal is around 150k, I can only find pots at 100k that will fit. Everything else is too big in value or to small or else wont fit the circuit board inside and the fitting it's attached to.

Really quite annoying.

I was thinking of a Behringer expression pedal that I saw on their site, but how the hell do I know its gonna be capable of manipulating the fx parameters on my zoom. I guess thats why I'm on here.
Expression pedals usually connect in one of two ways:

Some (like the Rocktron Hex) have an "Expression" jack on them that is a mono 1/4" that connects to compatible expression pedal inputs

Others (most passive volume pedals) connect using an insert cable that has a single TRS plug on one end, and two 1/4" mono plugs that plug into the input and output on the pedal.

The instruction manual for your floor unit should have the specifics as to how to connect external expressions pedals.
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Well my Zoom pedal connects via a 1/4 mono jack into a dedicated expression pedal socket so may be the Behringer FV100 would work fine.

I'll have to try it out.