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Ernie Ball Regular Slinky's
28 58%
Elixir Light Nanoweb's
20 42%
Voters: 48.
I'm debating between Elixir Light Nanoweb's or Ernie Ball Regular Slinks, I've heard great things about both but that the Elixir's last a lot longer than the Ernie Balls. Has anybody played them/has a preference?

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You can't go wrong either way, buy both of them.


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i've used both and i like the ernie balls better.
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I personally prefer Ernie Ball strings, haven't used Elixirs in a while though..
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I use both and you can't go wrong with either. Elixirs are more expensive, of course.

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ernie ball! the string of champions (low e string) =)
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I have used both sets, and I can surely say the exlixir strings last 3 times longer than the Ernie Ball ones, and sound even better.
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Recently switched from Ernie Balls on my strat to a set of Elixirs. The Elixirs have lasted about as long as an EB set would've and they still sound, feel and keep in-tune like new, plus the ones I've on my PRS copy will be a year old in February(except for the high E, a victim of my old heavily-high-E-based improv), and their still going strong. So I'd have to say the Elixir's blow the EB's out of the water. Some people dislike the Nanoweb though, get a set of EB's so you can snip the Elixirs and put on the EB's if you don't like it.

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i use the elixir nanoweb lights and they are very good strings. they last a lot longer than the ernie ball's, but they are quite a bit more expensive. If you're lookin for cheap but still pretty good strings, go with the ernie ball's but if you are willin to spend a little extra definately go with the elixir nanoweb.
I used Ernie Ball Slinkies for the longest time, several years, until I got fed up with them rusting so early. I switched to Elixers, and they're better in every way. They feel and play awesome because of the coating, they last much longer, and sound great. It's really no contest.
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I prefer Elixir. I love the feel of em. I havent played on Ernie ball but I'll definetly get them next.
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Anything but Ernie Balls, Elixir are good but go ahead and treat yourself to some GHS or DRs.

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Ernie Balls for sure man. I don't like the Elixers much. They're better on acoustic. Go Cleartone if you want long lasting strings. I was changing my D'Addarios every 5 or 6 days but the Cleartones usually last me around 3 weeks.
Neither, they both suck. Elixar are great for acoustic but bad for electric. EB sound great at first but lose that fresh string sound fast. I suggest Ddarrio( I know that's spelt wrong). Great value and sound good too.
its all about persnall perference, but i hate EB's and never tried elixers but you sould have a look at GHS