I originally posted this on the Maximum PC forums. No one replied (and that was hours ago), so I'm posting it here. Can anyone help?

I have a movie- a 700 mb .avi file, to be exact- that I have put onto my Vista Home Premium x64 machine. It works on SMPlayer and, after downgrading to an older version, on VLC player, too. However, the file does NOT work on Windows DVD maker, and my intention, of course, is to get the file onto a viewable DVD. Is there any way to fix this problem?

If you need my system stats, here they are-
Windows vista home premium, 64-bit.
Dell Studio Desktop
2.66ghz C2D proc
4 gig ram
640 gig drive with 508 gigs left.

The file- .avi format, 700mb.

I have VLC player version 0.8.6i, which is downgraded from the latest version.
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The problem isn't your computer, it's probably the file itself. It could be using a weird codec that DVD Maker doesn't recognize.

Try downloading Auto Gordian Knot and re-encoding the movie into a regular DIVX codec and burn it right onto a CD (you don't need a DVD for a 700 megs file). Most DVD players can read AVI files directly