what's up with the tie dude?

.... overall it was a good cover, you just need to practice more the solo if you want it to go more fluently....just keep practicing
vibrato and more distortion. keep playing it you will get it. you have most of the notes right.
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You need to work on it. If I were you I would put the head banging aside for now til you can play it perfect... then you can dance around if you care to...
Your guitar sounds out of tune.
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Your guitar sounds out of tune.

well i thought of that, but then noticed the thing that it depends on how hard you press the strings. Thanks for your advices, i will practice more. Oh the guitar is epiphone les paul 100, just with blue stripes on it.
I honestly didn't think you did that bad. Angus is one of those guitar players whos notes you can definitely play, but can't ever match his feel or tone unless you really work at it. The guitar did sound a bit out of tune, maybe the innotation needs to be set on it. You can search around online on how to do that. You might also want to add a little more reverb so the tone of your guitar is not so dry. As far as the actual playing you did a pretty decent job man, the rhythms were pretty good and the solo was a nice attempt.

As far as how reverb and a little more crunch can help you, you can check out this ACDC cover I did and leave some feed at the link on the bottom of the page

But yea, Nice job bro, just keep working it, btw, what kind of gear do you use other than your guitar? Maybe i can help you there too with some amp settings.

Well its stock epiphone les paul 100, roland micro cube and marshall gv-2 pedal.
Well it is really difficult to get the Angus sound perfect. First of all, get the song right and the headbanging will come natrually. Secondly the reason the solo sounds a little funny is because I think you are concentrating too much on getting it note perfect, I'm not saying you should play it wrong, but loosen up a little, play with feeling, look at Angus live, he never plays it how to studio version is, just loosen up a little and it should sound fine. Other than that great job.
Well i think i now know my porblem. I mainly played with my index and middle fingers, barerly used other 2, so the notes dont sound as good as they should using all fingers.
Yeah you are right, Personally i don't think you nedd your pinky as much but your ring (4th) finger is very important espicialy in playing thing s like the blues scale or the pentatonic, angus uses both of these a lot.