Im not that kind of guy,
who looks for the transcendental
meaning of things/
If i see a clear sky I'll call it blue
wont find a way to lie to you/

We're at that point/
there's no turning back/
Do I carve this outta stone?
or do I turn around and flee?/

So what if I leave?
So what if I leave?
So what I claim a corner in the park,
build a fort and Make believe?

So what if im not,
what you think?/
So what if you lose control
and trip right over the ghost of me?

The clock turns back
to half past three
Not the day but in the morning/
Comes a nightmare without warning/

You couldn't wait for the moment
to get a hold of this/
You had to move to fast
hit a snag, and sink this ship/

and now were drowning, drowning
in way too much emotion, girl/

So what I leave?
So what If you care?
So what I pretend to look behind me
and find out you're not there?/

So what If I leave?
So what If Im gone?
All I know this will keep me up
and bother me all night long.


If It seems awkward, its because there is a specific rhythm for it in my mind, I wont be up for changing the sentence structure all that much, but maybe tell better story, change the seconds chorus around a little and not too much else,

all my stuff is mostly OTS because for some reason this window drives me to complete my ideas, I get a skeleton of a chorus maybe and go with it.