So I just got a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal. It's brand new from musiciansfriend.com. When I opened it, there was already a battery in it, so I decided to just leave it in and try it out. When the pedal did not turn on, I figured the battery was probably dead. So I took the battery out of another pedal I had nearby (I'm sure it was a good battery, it worked fine with the other pedal both before and after this) and the pedal still did not work with it. I figured there's probably something wrong with the battery connection or something, so instead I just used an AC adapter. When that didn't work, I tested it on another Boss pedal I had and it worked fine. Basically, the DS-1 won't work at all, it has good batteries and it's plugged into an AC adapter, the input and output are both connected right, and (I'm not completely retarded) the amp is on. It won't make any noise at all when bypassing the pedal, and the pedal can't be activated.

That was kind of a bad description, I'm horrible at describing things, but if anyone knows what I'm talking about and can help, that'd be great. If my sub-par description raises any questions, I can do my best to better explain it.
No, the LED doesn't come on, which is what led me to think it'd be the power supply. But they all work fine with other pedals, so it can't be them.

And the volume on the amp, guitar, and pedal are all up. It's definitely not a settings issue.

Would it be best to just send it back?
That would be better than paying to get it fixed or buying a new one. Unless you can save yourself the wait and fix it yourself.
I'd much rather fix it myself if I could, but I can't figure out what the problem is.
I'll probably send it back, unless someone here has an idea of what's wrong. It seems to me like it's just defective.
Thanks everyone
IT'd be better to get a new factory one, cause if its brand new, they'll surely replace it.
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