I recently got my strat restrung, since I stopped playing for a little while I forgot how to do it myself. but my bottom e string wasn't working. I broke my string over the summer and then I got caught up in some stuff and stopped playing but I noticed that the bridge it rests on was lowering itself over time. I guess that's what it's called, how each individual string rests on its own thing at the bridge and you can lower the action of the string using an allen wrench. So I original l thought an allen wrench would fix it, I keep raising it but it's not getting any more playable, it's just loose and buzzy, I screwed the bridge in tighter because it had gotten loose as well, since I didn't have a strong on there for a long time.

This happened the last time I got it restrung which was in the beginning of the summer, so I don't know, I tried raising it and I forgot to loosen the string so it snapped, but now I don't now what to do, because the action is getting to high for me, higher than it was when the string was fine.

I don't know what to do
I hope this isnt confusing haha

my bottom E string*
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