Hey guys me again. I have an Ibanez GSA 60 and i recently put some GHS boomers on it. The Low is a .60 and the high E is a .10 But im tuning to Dropped C and the Bridge seems to be lifting out of the body of the guitar, SO i promptly loosened the strings so as not to damage the guitar.

i dont know much about guitars (as you can probably tell) But there are 3 springs in the back of the guitar on the underside of the bridge which i think are holding the bridge in place. So im thinking i may have ti get another spring and place it in to keep the bridge down more? or are the strings just way to big and i wasted my money...im not sure...

Little help?
I believe you are correct. Putting in some stronger, or fitting in more springs should solve your problems.

I have a question myself. Is it possible to adjust the springs that come with floating trems to be tighter? If so, then you could just do that rather than buy another.
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like said, add springs.

dont just tighten the two screws in there. or they might pull out.

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Yes, more springs, or adjust the ones in there
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Awesome! Thanks so much guys! i feel like a douche haha cuz i tuned up then i looked down and i was like oh SH@! haha

Appreciate the help ^-^