im learning the song what a horrible night to have a curse and i need a bit of help, what time signature is this song in? i have the tab for it, its a great tab, but i need to count while im playing. and also the triplets, they play them so fast they sound like 2 notes, and techniques i can use to pick faster?
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i always thought it it was in 6/4, i've always played it in 6/4, but that's just me.
and if you mean the triplets in the solo i play them with legato and alternate picking
i never thought those were triplets, just like a galloping thing (like in Battery by Metallica and Raing Blood by Slayer), which is in the pattern of:
16:th, 16:th, 8:th.

EDIT: to play the galloping thing, well i do: (v=down, ^=up)
v^v, v^v,v^v
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