Has anyone had experience with this? It's a hundred bucks cheaper than a regular G-400 and from what I tried at GC, better pickups. I know people don't like these pickups, but I like them and they fit my style well; they're the same as the Standard Les Paul, if I'm not mistaken, but I can't afford a Les Paul right now, as much as I loved it when I played it.
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My girlfriend's brother just got one for Christmas. Idk much about the standard G-400, but I must say his faded G-400 was top notch quality for the price it was. It's a set neck, looked to be good quality tuners and hardware. Only thing I would change might be the pickups/electronics, but the stock ones are good for what you're paying. Played very nice, had a very low action. I couldn't really tell it was faded either, it looked like a standard Cherry Red SG.
I have a faded cherry G-400. It's amazing! the tuners are like magic, the fretborad is set perfectly... the pickups sound great. An overall great guitar.

Hope it helped
ps- message me if you want more info
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The pickups in the regular G-400, G-400 Faded and LP Standard are all the same.

If there's a difference in sound, it's going to be because of one of two things: 1) the finish on the faded is thinner so the guitar is going to naturally resonate a bit clearer and 2) you lucked out and the one you played was simply made from a nicer bit of timber than others you've tried.
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