I went to Guitar Center today, and they had a used Pignose G-60VR for $250. I'm thinking about buying it, and I was wondering what would be some good things to look for while inspecting it before buying. I played it for a good half hour today, and it sounds good (especially for $250). None of the pots are scratchy, all the switches work, knobs work, and it warms up quickly. The worst thing is that it got pretty muddy when I pushed it with my Fulltone OCD. If I buy it I'll probably replace the speaker which will hopefully help with the muddiness.

What else should I check?
compare it with other cheap tube amps in the price range, namely the crate v-series. they're super cheap nowadays and sound pretty nice.
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I've looked at the V series, but I haven't been able to play one. I guess Guitar Center doesn't carry crate anymore, and they're the only guitar shop that's close to where I live.

I was looking for things that I should check on the Pignose itself. Like the tubes, or something like that. To discern what kind of condition it is in.
I went in, and had a look at the amp. I cranked it, check for scratchy pots, examined the tubes, and the speaker. The only issues I discovered were the tubes were still the original ones from the factory, and when the amp was cranked it let out a slight whine when I turned the treble past 9 o' clock. The guy working at Guitar Center said maybe the tubes had started to become microphonic; since they were so old. Does that make any sense, and should I be worried about the whine, or the age of the tubes? I asked them how old the amp was, and they weren't sure. It's been in the store for about 3 months.

I was kinda hoping the speaker would have a rip in it so I could talk to price down; since I'll be replacing it eventually anyway.

I'm going back to buy it tomorrow, or Sunday. Unless someone thinks there are any issues I should be worried about.