Ok, so I think I'm kinda behind schedule with how good of a player I should be at this point. I've played acoustic for about 5 years, and electric for around 3, and I'm excellent with chords, rhythm, etc. I can play most riffs with a little practice, aside from the really fast metal riffs and such. I play mostly classic rock, which I love, and I don't really want to stray far from that other than some basic blues or some classic metal. However, my problem is this: I can barely solo. I can nail some of the slower solos, like Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and some stuff by the White Stripes, but when it comes to fast solos or any point in which I could improvise, I can't do a thing. I think I have the skills necessary to do it (I'm excellent with bends, hammer-ons/pull-offs, and I've recently learned pinch harmonics), which I've acquired from riff-playing, but I just can't get any speed.

What would you say is the best practice method to improving this and making me the guitar player that I can be? All of my uncles, as well as my father, are gifted with the guitar, and according to them, I'm plenty good enough to do it... I just don't know what I'm missing.
The thing is.....you've got all your skills and such.

Have you practiced your scales?......

Well, it's probably that you need to make up your own solos....improvise. And then try to play other people's solos....like slash's and such.

You probably just gotta go at ur own speed. Look at Jimmy Page...he doesn't solo that fast.
It all boils down to practice, most of your time on guitar has spent playing rhythm guitar. I've found that alot of people assume that a certain amount of years experience will automatically allow people to play fast solo's, etc.

This is not the case, you only learn to play fast solo's by playing fast solo's. Take a solo and break it down, learn every note very slowly and piece it all together and use a metronome and gradually increase your speed. Also be sure to keep an eye on your picking technique, it's overlooked by many people when they come to learning how to play fast.
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