Nice Track Aaron, nice to see you in the forums.

The tone on the guitar in the beginning, doesn't work all that well. Some timing issues. But overall nice tune. good job overall
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Me playing
Running thoughts for Later:
-vocals are kinda hard to comprehend at points
-I like the background noise.
-I'm expecting hardcore music to follow this intro
-vocals still not comprehendable.
-I like the tone at 1:18 of the solo.
-1:45 has great second guitar tone
-1:45 lead is not timed right at all. BIG PROBLEM
-Vocals still hard to hear.
-2:29 lead is off timing wise again.
-Background noises are nice. Adds to the spacy feel quite a bit.
-3:57 solo guitar is ehh....
-4:20 its very evident the drums are not real at this point. They are not mixed well at all.
-4:22 guitar mix is nice here.
-exiting guitar is nicely done.

=Overall, hmmm.... I think that I would make the vocals a little easier to hear/understand. I like the feel, I just am wishing the whole track that I knew what was being said. We had some timing issues throughout the piece that really hurts it. At points its just a mess. The drums need work as well. I realize that they are loops/programed, but they need to have less exposed parts/have a little more variation. Maybe adding a bit of reverb to them would help them blend more. Keep working on this piece, its a keeper!

great input man...thank you!!! yeh this is far from polished
appreciate yet time and comments!!!
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