Recently I recorded myself, and I noticed that some of the sounds came out unequal. Like, all of the sudden, it would be really loud, or the next second, it would be quiet. I never notice it when I am just playing by myself (ive been priding myself on sounding good the last few weeks) but when I record it, its just, disappointing. I also know this can also be because of what I am using to record and play.

Peavey Blazer 158
MIM Standard Stratocaster
Zoom G1
and a Samsung camcorder

I am sure that this isnt a good setup. Are there any tips anyone has for me? Should I line in my Strat to my computer because the amp is crap and camcorders arent meant to make music sound good? I am completely new to video taping myself play guitar. Do most people use an external microphone or line in their guitar?
try lining the zoom G1 to your pc. use a program like audacity to record your guitar while your video camera records you.
I would suggest getting a 1/4' splitter (do these exist?)
and splitting the zoom's signal to your amp and to your pc at the same time, that way you can hear what your playing, while having a good recording.
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Thank you. I was thinking about that splitter, it would be helpful. I think there are ones. Thanks though, I was really needing to know if lining in would be a good decision. I guess my hard part will be syncing now.